Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba
Much charisma, and many converts
He is called God
He claims, that he is the reincarnation of Shridi. And Shridi was an incarnation of Shiva.

Sathya Sai Baba:
Born 23rd November, 1926 at Puttaparti
His real name was Sathyanarayan Raju
A bright student (drama, music, poetry and acting)
Went to high school at Uravakond

1940 March eight at Uravakond, a strange experience took place.
He was stung by a black scorpion.
Next evening he became unconscious.
The following morning his behavior changed

He was up-normal. Parents thought that he was possessed by evil spirit.
They took him to exorcists. Because of the torture of the exorcists they took him back home.

May 23rd, 1940 he took from the air sugar candy and flowers and distributed those present (family members)
His siddhies spread.  Father became furious.
But Baba said “I am Sai Baba…I have come to ward off your troubles, keep your house pure and clean”.

He made more claims- spirit of Shiridi had come into him.

With wave of hands got photographs, dates, and flowers and vibhuti from shridi Shrine.
October 20, 1940, threw away his books saying ‘ my devotees are calling, I have my work’.
Ashram at Puttaparthi called Prasanthi Nilayam  i.s. abode of great peace.
Three festivals are celebrated: Dussehra, Baba’s birth day and Mahasivarathri.

He also set up hospital and academy for Vedic and Sanskrit study.
1961, claimed avatar greaten than Rama and Krishna.
In 1963 he claimed incarnation of Shiva and Shakti.
To the westerners he said, he was Jesus Christ who has come again.

Work off evils
Establishment of Ashram in the world.
1968- to restore India’s former spiritual glory
Spiritual regeneration of mankind

Sathya Sai Samitis (committees) take care of
Serving the poor, sick, education- school and college
The monthly magazine is Sanathan Sarathi (Eternal Charioteer).

Both Nirguna and sirguna
World is illusion and also this world is divine.
Man is atman. Easy way of liberation is bhakti.

His popularity because of Miracles
Healing of the sick
Knowing the thoughts of th edevotees
Multiplying food etc.

Eg. Giving Bhagavat Gita and healing scientists’ son, etc.

For some Baba was “he was the very antithesis of God”.
Mr. M.C. Gunpuley, 1970 donated 7 acres to build 30 bed hospital
Baba neither kept his promise nor showed any concern for the sick and poor.
Rather he wanted to build huts for his foreign devotees.

Tall [Robert Alliver Brooke) is a brilliant American.
Genuine spiritual seeker. He lived with Baba for 19 months.
Believed that Baba was Avatar and Jesus Christ come again.
Baba asked him to give discoursed to audience
He was planning to Publish about 200 pages about Baba.

But he turned away from Baba
On September 8, 1971, Brooke wrote a general letter explaining to his friends in detail the reasons for his turning away.

He did not like Baba’s self glorification
Questions: why does not Baba put some water in those two bore wells that were a drilled  on the land donated to Baba for the hospital.
Did he not know that there was no water, before hand?
\two final blows: encounter with a young man in white field
Tal’s encounter with God himself(Mt 24: 24)

Baba’s secret session to purify their lower chakras ( for kundalini shakti)

Tall first accepted it as token of Baba’s grace.
He came to know that Baba had similar sessions with  many including some school boys.

His debate with young India man in \Whitefield, then no longer could accept.

Tal published the account of his day with Baba in a book “Avatar of Night: The hidden side of Sai Baba.”

According to it
The young boy mentioned was Patrick an Anglo Indian from white field whom Baba mistook as  American.(where is omniscience)

Baba private interview with Patrick; unzipped Patrick’s pants…fondled his penis…lifted his own (baba) robe and inserted his penis into his own organ, which felt like woman’s.

Tal also observed Baba’s Private parts and felt  hermaphrodite.

Is baba an avatar? There is no scriptural support.
Miracles or magic?
Can he bring regeneration of India?

Miracle Boy:
 Kitti (Sai Krishna ), seven year old boy was exposed as fraud, by the committee (Bangalore University)
His parents said, given by Baba. Australian devotee made movie of the boy
            Ash hidden, came when pulled string
Slight of hand


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