Achariya Rajneesh
Bhagavan, Oso
Rajneesh was  a brilliant person yet he was anti-intellectual.

His original name was Rjneesh Chandra Mohan. Born in Madhya Pradesh, on December 11, 1931.
 His father Babulall was a business man.
1944 to 51 studied at Jabalpur, and obtained BA degree.
In 1957 he completed his post-graduation in philosophy from university of Saugar.
 He was a versatile student
Exquisite painter
Voracious reader
Poet and amateur photographer.
Poor economic condition at home.
He  worked as editor for  a daily news paper Navabharat.

From1957 to 1967 taught philosophy in two colleges.
Then he resigned his job and concentrated on spiritual regeneration of humanity.
He thought the spiritual regeneration of mankind was just around the corner.

After resigning his job he continued to stay in Jabalpur for some time.
  He also travelled lecturing

Then made his headquarter in Bombay where his morning sea shore meditations became very notorious for their noise and crudity.

In 1974 he was forced to move to Pune. There he had a big bungalow in a residential area.

Within sex years he won many followers, earned mush money also made many enemies.
June, 1, 1981 he was forced to flee India.

Same year he bought a 64,229 acre ranch near Antelope, Oregan in the USA and set out to build an Utopian commune of Sannyasins.

By mid 1985 he ran into so many problems.

Although spoke of all, his followers were mostly drawn from the affluent class.
There was entrance fee
 He also spoke that only the rich could become spiritual.

Now he is owner of worth several million dollars
A fleet of 74 Rolls-Royces
Private security called peace force equipped with semi-automatic weapons
Unavailable to common men.

He was one of the most widely read gurus.

He was a born Jain but said he is neither a Jain nor a Hindu and that he did not like old labels.

He rejected intellect as a source of knowledge and accepted mysticism and silence.

 For him ultimately reality is one.
Soul is Brahman

His doctrine ‘inner void’ or shoonya is from Zen Buddhism.
His view of sex and mysticism , is a combination of Tantrism and Psychology.

He was also a critique of contemporary political economic situation of India.

His Philosophy:
Reason cannot know the truth and words cannot express it.
Ultimate truth can only be known in silence.
Truth appears in a state of thoughtlessness
Intellect is a satan within.
Like Buddha he remained silent on the ultimate metaphysical questions.
His philosophy is behind all  multiplicity there is one reality I,e, void, emptiness or shoonya (god or Brahman).
 Creative process itself is god
God is not a person but the process
Man’s soul is god
We are in fact god
Man is not a sinner

In his popular book “from sex to super consciousness” says sex is divine but sexuality is evil.
Men should accept sex as a door to divinity.

Man is void but thinks of himself as man
i.e. imaging pseudo  bondage,  eg. Camel and caravan.

Self realization means attainment of a state of mind which is devoid of all thoughts
Religions misguide people seek god outside.

Rajneesh taught artificial devices to help people to take the mind beyond thinking:
Psychological exercises of autosuggestion or physical exercises which exhaust so much that you cannot think for some time.

Another is called whirling meditation

He also advocates sexual or tantric meditations as a means of attaining super consciousness.

He says yoga produces pride but tantra makes us humble, gentle and loving
Sexuality and spirituality are two ends of one energy.

To turn sex into meditation there should be a total ‘let go’  in sex.
Samdhi: only love remains and love is god.

Rajneesh hates morality because it creates hypocrisy.
It makes you feel guilty.

Lecture on Jesus:
You must be born again is you must have sexual meditation.
Because man and woman become one i.e one flesh.

Rajneesh condemned the religious leaders for spoiling the world.

Is the mystic experience [shoonya] an experience of God?
Can it bring about spiritual regeneration of the world.
 News: bones broken etc.
Rajnees favored only some women

Troubles in Pune:
Violation of Visa regulations
Tax evasions
Smuggling drugs, cash, gold, by the sunnyasins and
False police reports

Maa Anand Sheela:
She master minded the move to Oregon, partly to snatch away the leadership from Ma Yoga Laxmi.

He entered America on false reason: medical
Controlling a city –against constitution
October 28, 1985, arrested at Charlotte Douglass international airport, when he was planning to leave USA after indicted him in an immigration case.

Maa anand Sheela hiding in Germany was arrested in 1985 september on charges of murder
He called her ‘perfect bitch’ and she said he is ‘a spoilt little boy’.


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