Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
Transcendental Meditation
Mahesh was born in 1918 in central India, in a non-priestly caste.
Got his Bachelor degree in physics in 1940 from Allahabad University.
For 13 years(till 1953) sought enlightenment under his guru Swami Brahmananda Sarawati, Sankaracharya of Jyotirmath in the Himalayas.

When his guru died, asked Yogi to evolve a simple form of meditation.
Then Yogi hid away in Himalayas for two years. When emerged started TM.
Yogi took the title Maharishi(great seer) in 1956.

In 1956 South Indians were reluctant to accept TM, because he was no Brahmin, he decided to take TM to the west.
First to England and then in 1961 to America.

Two historical and one intellectual reasons behind his popularity in the west.
One was the conversion of the Beatles to TM (Left soon as just a waste of time).
Secondly in 1965, the youth revolution for a counter culture was in full swing.
Thirdly(intellectual) his ability to modify his teaching in line with the modern scientific thinking a popularized by current science –fiction.

Yogi said the consciousness within man may be the Ultimate Reality (God) of the universe.
If man’s inner power is tapped we may have a power infinitely greater than the poser of the atom.
 With this click, he started a world plan on January 8, 1972, with 2000 trained teachers of TM.
Objectives of the world plan:
To develop the full potential of the individual
To improve governmental achievements
To realize the highest ideals of education
To eliminate crime and all evil practices
To maximize the intelligent use of the environment.
To fulfill the economic aspirations of individuals and society
To achieve the spiritual goal of individual in this generation.

He started International Meditation Society (IMS)
Students’ International Mediation society( SIMS)
Maharishi International University, main office at Los Angels [USA] and Seelisburg (Switzerland)
The university seeks to relate his teaching with other subjects.

TM has rented hundreds of buildings all over the world.
Yogi denies that TM was religion or philosophy.
The purpose was to get government favor and secular education.

TM claims that it is science. Hence some introduced it in educational institutions.

The two main expression of Yogi are ‘science of creative intelligence’ and ‘Transcendental Meditation’.

Creative intelligence is to lead to ultimate reality. It is almost like theology.

Persons transcends individuality to become aware of the creative intelligence of God.
Our physical universe is made up of energy i.e. God, creative intelligence, pure existence and pure consciousness.
Through TM men can experience this energy.
Becoming aware of the subject (the self)  is liberation/
Once liberated all are not different.
To practice, one need not change religion.

In general TM helps few disturbs others

Court case – is it science or religion
Deceptive ways to get people to TM
Commercialization of religion


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