Shri Sai Baba

Shri Sai Baba[1]
No information about parents,
He was not a native of Shirdi (Kopargaon taluqua of the Ahmednagar district of
            Maharashtra state)
Came to Shridi at the age of sixteen
No house, spent time under a margosa tree now called Gode neem (sweet Margosa).
He was unwilling to reveal his name.
He lived there for three years and disappeared.

After a year reappeared. Now twenty years of age.
Mahalspati, priest of Khandoba saw him (looked like a fakir) and welcomed him as Sai.
That has become his name.

He spoke only when questioned
Meager clothing
Lived in a dilapidated Masjid, kept small fire burning continuously, begged for food in ht village,  distributed to poor.
He was fond of light. Asked oil from a shop keepers.  One day refused to give oil, he burned lamp with water, Miracle!

 Then on people flocked to the Masjid to have his darshan.

In 1886 he took Samadhi for 70 hours
Healed many diseases
Thus Shridi became place where god lived.

One day he declared Mai Allah un ( I am God)
From about 1910-1918 people worshipped him and treated him as god.
He died 1918, 15th October, 2.30 p.m.
The place of burial is called Samadhi Mandir (in Shridi)
Daily worship is conducted in the temple.

God and world: Pure consciousness is Brahman.Sarguna Brahman is a stepping stone in to the nirguna Brahman. 
This world is illusion

Nature of man: man is essentially divine. he is part of Brahman and ultimately merge with Brahman. Ignorance is sin.

Salvation: it is self relaizaton and merging into Brahman  moksha is suddha chaitanya. It is true joy.

His person: I am god. I got a name and abode (Dehi, the embodied is my name and the world is my abode)
Brahman is father and maya is mother. I am sustainer. I live everywhere. My age is lakhs of years.  My business is to give blessing. Iam everything.

His Mission: to lead people to righteous path.

Shri Upasani Baba
A gunnyu sack was all that he wrapped around his loins.
His original name was Shri Keshinath Govind Upasani.
He was born on 1870, may 15, (Satna, Nasik District of Maharashtra)
Parents- Govind Shastri and Rukuminibai (Brahmains)
 Upasni loved religious pursuits
Parents married him. Wife died, solitary and wondering.
1890 long period of fasting and meditation in a cave in Nasik.
1891 his father died.
Went to Sangli (in Maharastra)  – studied Ayurveda and Sanskrit grammar
1896 to 1905 practiced medicine at Amaraoti.
Invested money in business, lost. Took to wandering again.
1911, 27, June he met Shri Sai Baba and accepted him as his guru.
He was there for about four years

In 1914 left Shridi without informing. Wondered three years. In 1917 he settled at Sakuri, three miles from Shridi
He preferred to stay at a cremation ground
Some people made a thatched hut for him.
People visited; dharmashalas cropped up.

1922, December 25, confined himself in a wooden cage and declared that his confinement would help his devotees to achieve liberation.
From 1922, people began to worship him
Remained in the cage for fifteen months, gave lectures
Established nunnery for young girls, women, widows i.e. Kannyakumari Sthan.
He died 24 December 1941.

Man is divine in nature. There is no difference between individual and universal soul.
Unless you attain female state, you cannot attain salvation.
Jivan mukti or self realization is attaining shiva Status.

As a person he was a man of great discipline. Because of his long meditation people flocked him.
His mission was to establish righteousness and wash out their sins.
To bless the devotees who visit him.

Others called him ‘God on earth’, Avatar, life force of the world and mahatma.
The ashram in the cremation ground became a beautiful spot for meditation and spiritual upliftment.
People chant
Shri Upassani Maharaja ke Jai.

Shri Kanya Kumari Sati Godavari Mataji
She was born on the 24 th December, 1914, Shegaon, Akola District, Maharastra.
Parents are Vasudevarao and Rambai

Many found Godavari as a child having extraordinary spiritual potentialities.
Her father brought her to Upasani Baba
i.e. in 1924 she reached Sakuri, then she was only nine. Parents left her to his care.
At ten she married Vishnu panth Chandorker
She did not live with husband even one day
He left for Bombay to study
He returned to dedicate her to Upasani and accepted her as avatar.
Upasani worshipped her. And he asked the devotees to worship her.

Shri Meher Baba

He was born on 25 February 1894, Poona.
Parents had Persian origin
He loved Muslim burial ground and Parsi tower of silence.
1911 entered Deccan College at Poona
Once while returning from college, a Muslim woman kissed him
1914 he met  Shridi Sai Baba.

[1] D.P. Sham Rao, Five contemporary gurus in the shirdi 9Sai Baba) traition.


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